Supplier CSER-  Nisbets

Being green is important at Nisbets – they understand that for us to have a bright future, our planet needs to have one too.  Nisbets has have a team of dedicated volunteers, committed to finding innovative ways to reduce their environmental impact as a company.

Nisbets volunteers have developed a range of diverse and brilliant ideas, from new recycling initiatives and energy saving light bulbs, to installing solar panels on two of our Bristol offices. An investment in solar panels aims to reduce their carbon emissions by a staggering 111 tonnes a year.

To support the achievement of this strategy Nisbets has a set environmental objectives;

To achieve 0% landfill – currently recycling over 98% of their waste, and are making their own recycling facilities more efficient than ever.  Nisbets will collect and recycle Tops’ old appliances at the end of their working life.

To reduce paper waste – by encouraging paperless communication through email and asking for customer’s support by offering email invoices and statements. Re-use of paper where possible.

To reduce energy and water consumption – energy efficient technology, such as PIR controlled lighting, ensures the company only use the amount of resources they need.

To promote a sense of corporate and social responsibility – Listening and auctioning ideas from colleagues about how to reduce Nisbets carbon footprint, and aim to raise awareness about environmental issues.

Working as a team, searching for new ways that will allow Nisbets to be greener than ever.