Books That Teach Children About The Environment

At Tops Day Nurseries, we understand how paramount reading is to children’s development and learning, especially in their early years. This is why we encourage children in our nurseries to read books that educate them about the importance of looking after our environment so that they grow up with an understanding of sustainability.

We have made a list below of a few of our favourites for you to share with your children. All of these books are available to buy online or may be found at your local library.

Don’t let them disappear

Learn interesting facts about endangered animals and what we can do to prevent them from becoming extinct.

Bee & Me

A sweet story about a little girl who saves a bee, showing how simple actions can help restore balance in our environment and the importance of looking after the bees to help our ecosystem.

10 Things I Can Do To Help My World

The title says it all, this book reveals 10 tips for children on what they can do to help save the environment.

The Water Princess

The story follows a princess and her struggle to bring clean drinking water to a West African village. She dreams of a future where the village has access to clean water of its own.


Learn about all things green, from luscious forests on a spring day, to juicy green limes or the incandescent green of a firefly.

The Great Kapok Tree

A man who wants to chop down the Kapok tree is taught about the importance of trees and how all living things depend on one another.

Compost Stew

Learn from an A-Z list of some of the many possible ingredients that are ideal for going onto a compost pile.

Touch The Earth

An exciting interactive adventure by Julian Lennon where a magical plane can take you anywhere you want! Save the fish in the oceans, send clean water to thirsty people all over and explore how to make the world a better place.

Kenya’s Art

Kenya visits a recycling exhibit which inspires her to use her old, broken toys to make art with her family.

Miss Maple’s Seeds

Find out how Miss Maple looks after struggling seeds and how she nurtures them to sprout into wonderful plants.

The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle: A Story about Recycling

A Glimpse into the journey a plastic bottle takes from being manufactured to the supermarket, to the garbage. After this, the bottle ends up in a recycling plant where it is recycled into its new life as a fleece jacket!

The Lonely Polar Bear

A moving story about the threat of global warming in which a polar bear wakes up alone and begins a new adventure, making some wonderful friends along the way.

George Saves the World by Lunchtime

George is determined to save the world by lunchtime, find out the efforts he goes through to help make a difference.

One Plastic Bag

A true and inspiring story about a girl from Gambia who saw the devastating effects plastic bags had on her community and how she found a way to recycle the bags and overcome this.

One World

A beautifully illustrated book about a brother and sister who create their own marine world and learn about marine life, pollution and the fragility of the natural world.

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