Thank you Tops – absolutely priceless!

Cheryl and Lilly NeedhamCheryl Needham, mother of Lilly, wrote us a lovely thank you letter which we wanted to share: “My daughter Lily has been attending Tops Bournemouth nursery for 5 months now and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am at finding your service.

It was with some trepidation (and a huge amount of unwarranted guilt!) that I came to view the nursery at RBH prior to returning to my own business when Lily was just 7months old. As a single parent and a pretty independent one at that, it was essential that I returned to work for more reasons than just financial, I felt it important for Lily’s development, my sanity(!) and the growth of our unbreakable bond.

I fully commend all the staff at RBH, the administration team are spot on, the staff within the nest are kind, understanding and appreciative of how I wish my daughter to be raised and have been absolutely instrumental in my girl developing in leaps and bounds.

I feel I am setting the building blocks as a parent, that Tops continue in my absence. I really cant thank you enough for that. To have found a service that completely ‘gets’ me and my daughter, is flexible to fit around my self employment, and can take online payments with minimal fuss when I need to do them? Absolutely priceless!

I also use your babysitting service which has been such a godsend as I am on my own.” Cheryl and Lily Needham

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