The value of Nursery Education during lockdown

On Saturday 31st October the Government announced there would be a second lockdown for four weeks, as of Thursday 5th November and set to last until 2nd December 2020. In line with the government guidance, Tops Day Nurseries have pledged to remain open where possible to ensure stability and continuity for the children we care for. Following the return of children after the first national lockdown we saw an increase in children showing early signs of anxiety and disruptions to children’s development after having to be isolated for so long and so we are delighted that this time, the government has recognised the Early Years as a Key Service, playing a crucial role in the development of the next generation.

At Tops Day Nurseries we recognise that the Nursery School is an extension to the care and education that children receive at home, not a substitute for it, so we are delighted to be able to continue this care for all children throughout this second lockdown.

With so much change manifesting around the second lockdown, there are a huge number of benefits for children accessing nursery provision during this time to support with development and early education. This includes but is not limited to:-

  • Making friends – With lockdown restricting the mixing of households outside of childcare provisions, nursery is the perfect opportunity for your child to begin to form friendships with other children. They will be surrounded by children of a similar age with lots of opportunity for group games, role play and cooperation.  Research shows that this is THE most important thing for children to learn in order to be happy, progress well at school and in life.
  • Social skills and interactions– Socialising with other children is vital for your child’s successful development. Listening to other people, resolving conflict and communicating your feelings will all be learnt at Nursery. The majority of our settings have links with local care homes and community projects, which is a fantastic opportunity for children to continue working on their social skills despite lockdown restrictions.
  • Learning new skills – Nursery Teachers are skilled at nurturing children to develop a wide range of new skills, from speech and language, to physical skills, and early science, maths and technology. You will notice your little one rapidly expanding their skills when they start attending Nursery.
  • Curriculum coverage – Day Nurseries follow the Early Years Foundation Stage. This provides a structure of learning and care for children from birth to five years. Click here to view our parents’ guide to the Early Years foundation stage –
  • Extra curricula activities – At Tops Day Nurseries we provide a wide range of extra curricula activities to benefit your child. Click here to find out more –
  • Confidence – Spending time away from their main carer builds children’s self-confidence as they begin to learn more about life outside of their of their main family unit.
  • Preparation for school – Attending Nursery is the first step for preparing children for the transition to School. At Tops Day Nurseries we follow a ‘steps to school’ programme to teach the skills children need for when they start school. Click here to read more about our guide to starting school

Children attending nursery also has many benefits for the parents. It will give you an opportunity to do the shopping in peace, complete an uninterrupted work out or just have a well-earned break. Parents feel more relaxed after having a break from their children which can improve relationships, connections and quality time together.

There is financial support available

If one of the reasons you are not sending your child back to Nursery is due to the cost, please see if you can get help.

Some employers will provide childcare vouchers, so check with your HR department.

Many parents can also get help towards costs of childcare through tax credits. Please click here to read more on the funding available for 2 year olds, and here for 3 and 4 year olds.

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