Tips for dealing with stress & anxiety during pregnancy

If you are feeling stressed or anxious, the first point is to talk to someone. By telling somebody how you are feeling you are taking the first step to help you feel better.

When you’re dealing with leg cramps, heartburn, cravings and hormones, being told to get some rest may feel impossible but a good quality sleep will help you to feel refreshed and calm. If you are having difficulty sleeping, check out some possible causes and how you can resolve them here.

Don’t burn yourself out. Now that the UK government have issued a self-isolation advisory you may feel tempted to ‘keep busy’ all the time. Make sure you make time for you and spend quality bonding time with your bump!

The government guidance has stated that you should only leave the house for limited reasons, such as shopping for basic necessities, medical needs, work (if you are unable to work from home) and one form of exercise per day. Gentle exercise is one thing you shouldn’t side-line during pregnancy.  It’s a mood-lifter and will help you feel physically stronger during pregnancy too. 

Knowing when you need help is an important point to remember. Remember that you are not wasting anyone’s time by asking for help – how you are feeling is important.

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