Tips for Dealing with Your Child’s Anxiety around Covid-19 and the second lockdown

Is your child anxious or worried about the Coronavirus and coping with this change? Diane shares some incredibly useful advice for helping deal with your child’s anxiety around the pandemic.

2020 has been a tough year for everyone, but in particular, children that have had routines disrupted.

With the second lockdown due to begin on 5th November, children may start to ask lots of questions. Although we do not have the answer to everything, don’t be afraid to discuss things with them. It is a worrying time, so if we tell our children we are going to be okay they will mirror this attitude and it will help them cope.

Remember to encourage conversations, questions and try to remain calm. Reassurance is key, so pick up on the signs when they are worried and listen to how they are feeling.

The Stay at Home Superheroes is a great story to help talk about their worries, how we can all do our bit to help each other and why we need to stay indoors. Check out Sophie’s Stories on Facebook for more useful resources.

Children worry more when they’re kept in the dark, so let’s give them some light!

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