Tops Boscombe to hold its first stay and play

Tops Boscombe in Dorset are excited to welcome parents and children to explore nursery life and engage in a number of exciting sensory activities. These activities are designed to engage children’s brains by using different senses.

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The first stay and play session will take place on the 3rd of August at 10 am – 11 am. The session will be focused around how to make sensory discovery bottles. Sensory bottles give children access to exploring all sorts of interesting materials that would normally be off-limits, such as glitter, pom-poms, sequins and certain liquids.

The second session held on the 10th of August and will be focused on Music and Movement. Children will engage in Boogie Mites sessions, as well as make their own musical instruments. Evidence has shown that music is a key element for creating a sensory rich environment as well as giving children the ability to learn spatial awareness.  Music can also be very beneficial to a child’s verbal development as it teaches the children syntax and speech before school, from the repetitive chants  in the songs.

The next session will be held on the 17th of August and will be focused on making fruit kebabs at Tops cooking school! Children will have close supervision during this activity but will be involved in all aspects of making their fruit kebabs. This activity will encourage the children to start developing their independence and begin to have an understanding of metrics.

The fourth session will be held on the 31st of August and will be focused on malleable play, learning skills that can be continued throughout childhood. Parents can learn how to make play dough and gloop for children and babies to enjoy.

The following session will be held on the 7th of September and will be focused on ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ – bringing the story to life. Story telling helps to increase children’s concentration and imagination. When a story is told with sound effects, actions and sensory experiences, it inspires children’s responses and makes them really keen to listen, speak, write and draw.

The sessions will conclude 14th of September with messy play. The tactile experience gained during messy play helps little ones experience a variety of textures. During messy play, children are developing eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

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