Tops celebrates 25 years of caring

Time capsuleTops Day Nurseries is marking its 25th anniversary today by planting a time capsule in Parkstone, Poole.

Children from each of the 15 nurseries have contributed letters, photographs, drawings, newspaper cuttings and items that represent the current era before the capsule is buried.

Tops Day Nurseries opened with just 4 children 25 years ago, and today there are over 2,000.

Managing Director Cheryl Hadland says: “I love the idea that future children will have the chance to dig up a slice of the past. The time capsule is a vote of confidence in the future of Tops Day Nurseries and we are all very excited about it.

“The Simpsons recently celebrated their 25th anniversary and The Hubble Space Telescope completes 25 years in orbit10958098_672166229559265_3760093638321325796_n in 2015, so we are in great company! I believe that our success has come from hard work and dedication, and so I would like to take this opportunity to thank every employee working in our family of nurseries.”

The children across the nurseries have worked hard to draw and come up with ideas for letters to the children of the future. Some of the comments included:

“We think you might have robot teachers and come to nursery in space ships. Alicia thinks you will play with aliens. Whatever you play with in the future we all hope you have as much fun at Tops Day Nursery as we all have!” Pre-school children of 2015, Tops Bournemouth

​”Our favourite superheroes are Spiderman and Batman. Are there any new superheroes now?” Pre-school children of 2015, Tops Winchester

“Are your clothes made out of tin foil?” Pre-school children of 2015, Tops Sturminster

10978618_923350071038699_6419665252148614973_nAttending the event and also celebrating 25 years of service will be Maria Thomas-Luker, who started working for the business as a Level 1 employee in 1990 and is now Communications Director at Tops Day Nurseries head office. Other members of staff are also celebrating up to 19 years of service this year.

All the nurseries will also be hosting their very own #throwbackthursday, with staff and children dressing up in clothes from the 90s, listening to 90s music and playing with 90s toys. Head office staff managers are planning to dress as The Spice Girls!

Tops Day Nurseries was founded by Cheryl Hadland in 1990, following an unsuccessful attempt to find high quality flexible day care provision for her children.  Now there are 15 Tops Day Nurseries and 9 play clubs and it is Dorset’s most successful nursery business.

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Tops 25th anniversary

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