Tops Copnor Preschool Earns Prestigious Bronze OMEP Award for Outstanding Commitment to Sustainable Citizenship in Early Years Education

Tops Copnor, a day nursery and preschool located at Pompey Health and Fitness Club, are thrilled to announce that they have achieved the highly esteemed Bronze OMEP Award in recognition of their unwavering dedication to providing exceptional sustainable citizenship in early years education. The accolade, presented by OMEP-UK, acknowledges Tops Copnor’s commitment to sustainable citizenship, innovation in education, and active parental involvement.

To be accredited with the Bronze OMEP Award, Tops Copnor underwent a rigorous evaluation process. This included assessment by an accredited OMEP Award Scheme Trainer, achieving a minimum ‘Good’ rating in all aspects of the Bronze Audit, and engaging at least 60% of parents in the Bronze i-care activities.

The OMEP-UK Early Years Steering Committee (ESC) Award Accreditation Panel was deeply impressed by Tops Copnor’s application, which showcased the nurseries dedication to improving early childhood education. The panel acknowledged Tops Copnor’s innovative approach to Electricity Education, with a special focus on teaching children about electric vehicles. This initiative demonstrates the school’s commitment to preparing children for the future while promoting sustainable practices.

Another standout aspect of Tops Copnor’s program was its engagement of children in selecting the Wildlife Trust charity, further instilling a sense of responsibility towards the environment. The evidence provided by Tops Copnor regarding children’s involvement in repairing, recycling, and reusing materials was commendable and highlights the preschool’s commitment to sustainable living.

Additionally, Tops Copnor’s use of interactive ‘games’ with older children, such as those related to recycling and food waste, was noted as highly successful. The panel suggested sharing these successful strategies with other educational settings, contributing to broader advancements in early childhood education.

Jenny Gibbs, Nursery Manager at Tops Copnor said;

The children have really enjoyed working together with our pre-school staff led by Deputy Manager, Claire Bull and our parents to learn about sustainability, through a variety of activities. The children have also loved looking back through photographs of themselves, contained within albums readily accessible within the room. We will continue our journey with incorporating sustainable citizenship into all aspects of our day, and further endorse the Tops ethos of sustainability through reusing, reducing, recycling and respect. We would like to express our gratitude to all our wonderful parents and families who engaged in the process and have made achieving this award possible, thank you so much.

Tops Copnor’s accredited OMEP Award Scheme Trainer, Katarzyna Stunt, said; “Claire, Deputy Manager of Tops Copnor, has been working hard, since January, to earn this special recognition on behalf of the Copnor team. She has inspired her preschool team and nursery manager, Jenny Gibbs, to also be excited about OMEP and teach children about taking care of the Earth and their own future.

At the Preschool, they make sure that all the three elements of the OMEP program, are implemented and are an inseparable element of everything they teach: teaching children how to be good citizens, making learning spaces nice, and being leaders who talk about important things. Claire and Jenny make sure that the principles of the program are embedded and seen daily. They have created an effective relationship with all Preschool parents sharing their passion for sustainable education and making the world better for children and for everyone. We’re proud of Claire and can’t wait to see all the good things she will keep doing in early childhood education and helping the Earth”.

Receiving the Bronze OMEP Award is a significant achievement for Tops Copnor and underscores their dedication to sustainable citizenship in early years education. OMEP-UK extends its heartfelt congratulations to the entire Tops Copnor team for their inspiring work and commitment to providing quality education.

This award serves as a testament to Tops Copnor’s unwavering dedication to early childhood education and its commitment to nurturing responsible and informed citizens of tomorrow.

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