Tops Day Nurseries Back ‘100 Challenge’ in Honour of Captain Sir Tom Moore

During Friday 30th April to Monday 3rd May 2021 Tops Day Nurseries took part in the ‘Captain Tom 100’ challenge to honour of Captain Sir Tom.

Second World War veteran Sir Tom raised more than £32 million for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday.

His daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore encouraged people to create their own challenge based around the number 100 to raise money for the Captain Tom Foundation or a charity of their choice. Suggestions include; walking 100 steps, running 100 metres, scoring 100 goals, baking 100 cakes or climbing 100 stairs.

During the fundraising event many celebrities, companies and the public have been getting involved including us at Tops Day Nurseries. We were more than happy to take part in the amazing challenge to support the Captain Tom Moore Foundation.

Some challenges that we completed across the week included; 100 star jumps, 100 laps, 100 yoga poses, 100 handprints using paint and 100 walks across a balancing beam. We posted our activities onto our social media pages and included a link for parents to donate to a charity of their choice or to the Captain Sir Tom Moore Foundation.

Tops Day Nurseries have 30 nurseries across the South and South West. The eco-sustainable childcare provider offers Early Education and Care for children aged 3 months to school age, as well as before, after-school and holiday clubs for children up to 11.  

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