Tops Day Nurseries continues with “Biovation” project

To continue on our journey of becoming one of the UK’s most eco-sustainable childcare providers, Tops Day Nurseries have implemented BioFresh across all 30 settings, a bioactive odour destroyer.

BioFresh is part of the Biovation bacterial cleaning product range, which was successfully introduced in the nurseries earlier this year.

Recent evidence has shown that removing all bacteria from children’s environments is a cause of allergies, as all the good bacteria in their bodies is killed as well as the good bacteria, depleting immune systems. The new products are “advanced and innovative technology” and are based on natural bacterial cultures that are specially selected to quickly decompose organic matter. A key feature of the BioFresh spray is that the particles grow quickly, filling the treated areas before smelly microbial characteristics take over the organic matter and create foul odours.

The clear bottle is a ready to use, very high-performance bacterial formulation that destroys, digests and eliminates bad odours from all surfaces, fabrics and carpets. To use spray directly on the surfaces where odours are detected, no water required.

The bottles that the product come in are from green Polyethylene,  a plastic made from ethanol sugarcane, which is more sustainable than plastics made from oil.   The bottles can be recycled within the same chain of recycling of traditional polyethylene.

One intensive bottle is equivalent to about 200 of previous spray bottles used, so this product will save enormously on our waste.

We have asked to return our bottles to biovation for zero waste, but they aren’t in a position to do this – yet. As well as being environmentally friendly, this product is friendly on your pocket. Each bottle of BioFresh costs about 7p,  which amounts to a huge saving of about 90%!

Green TM Polyethelene is made in Brazil, by Braskem, and its partners have been recognised and won awards form prestigious laboratories and institutions due to their development of the renewable product’s market, and due to innovation and environmental preservation.

We are also encouraging employees to use the product instead of perfumes to disguise the smell of smoke. This will ultimately reduce the number of toxins in the air in all environments.

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