WOW: Tops Day Nurseries launch Babywearing project!

During 2019 we introduced 52 improvements for our staff, 1 improvement per week. These ranged from fresh fruit being delivered weekly to the nurseries for staff to enjoy, hot chocolate and sparklers in November, smoothie makers to use up any uneaten fruit and an additional day holiday for all staff starting in 2020.

Due to the success of our 52 improvements for staff we want to do 12 things for families that will WOW in 2020.

Tops Day Nurseries have been working closely with Babywearing consultant, Kizzy, from Babywearing South West.

Babywearing is becoming increasingly more common in the UK with many parents choosing to ‘wear’ their babies to help them settle and also as an alternative to a pushchair.

As a group of day nurseries, Tops Day Nurseries are finding that more and more children are used to being carried at home, and therefore are expecting the same 1:1 care in the nursery environment. On a legal 1:3 / 1:4 ratio this can be particularly challenging for the staff team and distressing for the young child.

Children’s physical, neurological and psychological development is nurtured through positive relationships and strong attachment.  The use of slings/carriers enable caregivers to meet the individual needs of a child, whilst providing a safe and secure environment, building those positive relationships and attachments, whilst also continuing to be able to complete other tasks at the same time.

Tops Day Nurseries are dedicated to ensuring colleagues are able to utilise a number of training opportunities therefore all new and existing colleagues will have all necessary training provided to use the Babywearing carriers.

Carrying children at Tops Day Nurseries will be carried out in line with our respectful care approach and will only be used in the best interest of the child to ensure they are settled and secure at Nursery. If you would like further information about how we will be using baby carriers in our settings, please speak to your Nursery Manager for more information or to request a copy of our baby wearing policy.

Carrying using a sling has many benefits for both the wearer and the child, however it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs as well as learning how to carry in a comfortable and safe manner. 

Tops Day Nurseries have selected to use the carrier Kahu Baby. This carrier has been tested to standard TR 16512:2015. Suitable for carrying a child from 3.2kg-16kg. All staff will have access to and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

To view some of the benefits to Babywearing, please click here.

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