Tops Day Nurseries rated among best groups in UK

Tops Day Nurseries has been named by parents as one of the top 20 large nursery groups in the UK.

The award came from review site, based on reviews by families and carers.

Davina Ludlow, chair of, said: “The ethos and vision of a nursery group can have a huge impact on children’s lives, teaching them vital developmental skills and boosting their emotional and social wellbeing, which will act as a foundation for the rest of their lives.

“Tops Day Nurseries has shown its nurseries are helping to positively shape the lives of children. We would like to congratulate it on being a top nursery group, as rated by parents. We feel it is a real achievement to be recognised for being in the top 20 nursery groups by children’s families and carers.”

Cheryl Hadland, founder and managing director of Tops Day Nurseries, said: “Tops Day Nurseries provides the most eco-sustainable childcare and education in the UK and I am delighted that we have been recognised as one of the most recommended nurseries in the UK for a second consecutive year.”

She added: “It is amazing to see our sustainability efforts reflected in reviews left by parents, who commented on how proud they are to be part of the Tops Day Nurseries family.

“These comments not only highlight the high standard of care we provide, but also for the action we have taken to preserve the earth for not only our children, but our children’s children. This award truly does reflect the everyday efforts put in from our amazing staff.”

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