Tops Devonport Achieves OMEP-UK Bronze for Sustainability

A significant milestone has been reached at Tops Devonport, nestled within the Green Ark Children’s Centre. The preschool proudly announces its attainment of the esteemed OMEP-UK Bronze Award for Education for Sustainable Citizenship, showcasing an unwavering dedication to early years education, sustainability, and community engagement.

In pursuit of the Bronze OMEP Award, Tops Devonport underwent a meticulous evaluation process. This included a comprehensive assessment by an accredited OMEP Award Scheme Trainer, ensuring a minimum ‘Good’ rating in all aspects of the Bronze Audit. Crucially, engaging at least 60% of parents in the Bronze i-care activities was a pivotal criterion.

What is the OMEP-UK Award?

The Education for Sustainable Citizenship (ESC) Award Accreditation Panel expressed gratitude for the nursery’s application and commended the team for their dedication to improvements aligned with their vision. Noteworthy enhancements included a focus on food transportation, conservation, health, and developments associated with water conservation.

Tops Devonport received accolades for its proactive community engagement initiatives. From fostering interactions between children and allotment gardeners to active involvement with the food bank, library, and charity shop, the nursery has become a vibrant hub of positive community interaction, holding substantial potential for future collaboration and development.

The panel acknowledges Tops Devonport’s commendable recognition of exposing mono-lingual children to different languages, thereby expressing support for the nursery’s plans to further develop this area, ultimately enriching the learning experiences for the children.

Ciara Lightburn, Nursery Manager at Tops Devonport, shared insights into the immense effort invested over seven months to achieve this award. The impact on the children has been transformative, with evident improvements in activities, observations, and planning. Ciara emphasized the crucial role of parents, underscoring their support as integral to the collective success.

The Bronze Award’s Significance For the Team

Tops Devonport’s accredited OMEP Award Scheme Trainer, Paula Phillips, lauded Ciara Lightburn’s motivation and passion in enhancing children’s experiences in Education in Sustainable Citizenship. Paula highlighted Ciara’s infectious enthusiasm and commitment to supporting other Tops Day Nurseries on their OMEP journey.

This Bronze Award is not merely a milestone for Tops Devonport; it’s a reflection of the entire team’s dedication, the unwavering support of parents, and a profound commitment to education in sustainable ways for the well-being of future generations.

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