Tops Lakeside is expanding…

As the number of families attending Tops Day Nurseries is growing every day, Tops lakeside has decided to expand their facilities to help accommodate the increasing number of children wanting to attend the nursery. To achieve this Tops have commissioned an expansion built by TG Escapes which will provide a new and inspirational building for the children at Tops Day Nursery Lakeside.

Whilst they have used porta-cabins in the past to support accommodating more children in the nursery, Tops felt that the temporary structures were not right for the permanent expansion required. Instead the permanent and durable modular building that TG Escapes provides has been chosen as a more suitable option.

Working together with TG Escapes to create a bespoke, contemporary and eco-friendly building, Tops hope that the new extension to the nursery will provide an excellent space for Tops Lakeside’s children to learn and play. Built from sustainable wood and fitted with eco-friendly features, Tops also hope to inspire the children to look after the environment and provide a comfortable, modern space for them to enjoy themselves in.

The designs below show what the new nursery will look like when it is completed:

Tops Lakeside will be holding an open day on Sunday 13th May from 10am-4pm. There will be a number of different activities going on throughout the day at the setting running alongside the Portsmouth Dragon Boat Festival.

Tops will also be providing free nappy changing, breastfeeding and food and bottle warming facilities for families attending the Dragon Boat Race.

If you want to have a look at a few other examples of projects completed by TG Escapes you can browse them here on their site.

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