Tops Lakeside’s Pledge Against Plastic

November 15th marked Plastic Amnesty Day where Tops Lakeside got stuck in to an art project alongside Lakeside North Harbour, Helistrat and the Final Straw.

At Tops Day Nurseries, we strive for a greener, sustainable future. Part of this includes refusing one-use plastics both in our nurseries, and while out and about.

As part of Plastic Amnesty Day, Lakeside North Harbour worked with Helistrat and the Final Straw to create an art project in order to force people to stop and think about how much disposable plastic they use.

The project collected unwanted plastic bottles through the day, which were then turned into a giant sculpture, displayed on the local campus. Several eco-friendly businesses and campaigners were also on hand to offer environmentally sustainable substitutes to common plastic problems, such as reusable water bottles. At Tops, we use china crockery whilst in the nursery, and metal bottles while out on trips… we’d recommend it!

Children at Tops Lakeside got stuck helping with the art project. They helped colour sort the bottles, and prepare them for the artist to drill through. Once drilled, our children then helped thread them on to the sculpture.

Everyone involved had loads of fun, and helped create something which might make someone stop and think… do you really need that plastic bottle?


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