Tops Lymington – Work in Progress

The Grade II listed building of All Saints Church home to Tops Lymington is currently undergoing maintenance.

The church is having work done to install underfloor heating and a mezzanine to provide indoor toilets and an office. Further works will then take place in the future at the top of the mezzanine for a staff room and training room.

This work is all being done to match the aesthetics of the listed building with things such as arched doors on the toilet cubicles.

The end result will be a lovely warm church all year round and easy access to toilets for the children. We will also have running water in each room with double sinks installed.

Take a look at the most recent progress below…


New toilets doors been installed, we especially love how they go with the church building. We also new flooring with underfloor heating and a new office for the staff:



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