What makes Tops managers so special?

tops managers

Managers at any nursery are one of the most influential people in any early years setting, being a role model to not only the children but staff too. As well as role modelling, it is crucial that managers are working together with the team and are constantly evaluating their own practice as well as the practice of their own staff.

At Tops Day Nurseries, we ensure all members of staff are able to participate in training courses, seminars and more to allow them to reach their full potential and progress within their career. Managers at Tops Day Nurseries play a massive part in that process. Each one of our nursery managers has their own unique qualities, here are a few reasons why we believe Tops Managers are so special.

Managers take the time to get to know children and equally, the children know who the manager is. If the children enjoy talking to the manager, know who they are and feel confident enough to play and address the manager then it is a good sign that the manager is involved in the setting and play an active role in how the rooms run and are checking on rooms, practitioners and children.

You may also be able to notice the nice atmospheres at Tops Day Nurseries. If you are able to notice the good ambiences within a nursery, this is a good sign of things are running smoothly and reflects on the skills of the manager.

A manager who sends mixed signals doesn’t offer guidance and support and confuses job roles is not helping to ensure practitioners are achieving their best and are happy and confident in their positions ultimately meaning the children often end up suffering because of this. A good manager ensures everyone is aware of their job roles and feel fully supported in this. Practitioners should always feel they can approach the manager with any issue or concern and know that they will be taken seriously and given all the support they need to manage the situation.

A manager should always make time to observe practitioners, check everyone is happy, complete supervisions and appraisals and to discuss any new ideas with the team. They should also take the time to consider how practitioners feel and how this can be supported or changed.

Following this, you should also notice the high staff morale, a manager will pick up on signs of morale slipping and quickly put steps in place to ensure morale stays high, ensuring addressed and dealt with effectively.

At Tops Day Nurseries, we strive to make sure all practitioners feel valued, confident, and equal and appreciated for their efforts in the setting for the children and the parents and this is due to the management induction and training processes we provide to assist our wonderful managers.

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