Tops Mini Mariners – Internal Audit Visit

Tops Day Nurseries provide recognition that their settings and teams maintain and improve provision in order to offer the highest quality learning and development experiences for all children and their families. Children who experience high quality provision are well placed to achieve higher outcomes at school and develop better social, emotional and cognitive abilities necessary for life-long learning.

Tops Mini Mariners received some great results from their internal audit earlier in March. It was noted that the children enjoy playing outdoors, hunting for worms, climbing and sliding. The team made sure the children were safe and taught them about risks, demonstrating how to do things safely. The report also mentioned how the team at Mini Mariners have strong bonds with the children, which make them feel safe and secure whilst at the nursery and they do a great job working closely with the families to ensure consistency and children development.

The Tops Day Nurseries Quality Assurance scheme was launched in January 2017 and provides a route for Leaders and Managers to raise standards through a process of self-evaluation and self-assessment. This involves practitioners in a cycle of continuous improvement in which the provision is audited against a set of standards.

Director of Early Years Audit and Training, Amy Alderson, audits each of our settings on an annual basis to ensure that each setting is compliant with current legislation and best practice.

Quality improvement is a continuous cycle based on planning; implementing; reviewing and analysing. It is a never ending journey involving children, parents and professionals.

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