Cook little pot cook – Tops Celebrates world porridge day!

The 10th of October marks annual world porridge day! World porridge days was first held in 2009 by a charity called Mary’s Meals. The charity help child in Malawi and Liberia where they have their largest school feeding programmes, each child there receives vitamin-enriched maize porridge every school day.

World porridge day celebrates the huge difference this daily mug of porridge makes to the lives of chronically hungry children. Eating a good breakfast every day has long-term health benefits. It can reduce obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Here at Tops Day Nurseries, we have been celebrating World Porridge day in a number of different ways.

At Tops Musgrove children and staff celebrated by having porridge for breakfast, the children and staff made different faces and pictures using kiwi, grape, blueberry and raisins in their porridge.

At Tops Havant the children got involved by reading the story of the ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’ and ‘The Three Bears’ there are various stages of porridge to investigate, mix, feel, smell and taste! Bears, chairs, bowls, spoons and a sleeping ‘goldilocks Peppa pig’ in the role play area, with lots of extra cooking, weighing and storytelling enhancements to add to the children’s play and investigation.

We had a great time celebrating World Porridge day!


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