Tops Rugby Rangers launch at Tops Day Nurseries

Tops Rugby Rangers is a fast paced, fun, physical session run at the nursery or in a local field.

The sessions are designed for our children to have fun playing, whilst practising new skills. Tops Rugby Rangers aims to help build children’s love of sport and help develop confidence, social skills and contribute towards healthy lifestyles.

Children love learning new skills, and through Rugby training, we will introduce your child to new skills, which means they experience a huge sense of achievement and raised self-esteem, through praise and a sense of worth.

We believe no child, toddler age and above, is too young to benefit from sport. With simple, fun games, and short time span activities to keep the most agile of minds entertained.

The nursery will provide bibs and tags, rugby posts, balls, cones and hoops.

If you would like your child to attend Rugby Rangers, simply book them in on the allocated day and let a member of staff know you would like your child to participate.

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