Tops staff 100% First Aid trained

At Tops Day Nurseries we recognise that the safety of the children is paramount. Therefore we are committed to ensuring that 100% of our staff that are included in the Nursery ratios have paediatric 1st aid training.

Whilst our commitment is to have 100% of our staff paediatric first aid trained, it is also vital that the quality of the training provided is good.

We want to ensure that our staff attend training with the most knowledgeable trainers that are able to answer staff questions and give them the confidence that they need to respond quickly in emergency situations.

We have been working with ‘Poole Safety Services’, to provide paediatric 1st aid training to all of our staff for over 4 years. Over this time they have proved to be the most knowledgeable provider that we have used and staff have reported that attending the course has increased their competency in applying first aid.

As the Operations Director for Tops Day Nurseries, Amy Alderson has attended the first aid course to ensure that the training is effectively raising the quality and skills of our early year’s workforce.

We are also able to offer parents / carers the opportunity to attend the paediatric first aid course to help increase your own confidence with applying first aid. If you are interested in attending one of the courses, please speak to your nursery manager.

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