Update: Tops Sturminster’s rating from Ofsted

SturminsterBack in November 2013, Tops Sturminster was inspected by Ofsted. The nursery was regrettably awarded an unsatisfactory rating, with the promise that Ofsted would return in 3 months to re-inspect. The nursery has made a number of significant improvements and has been ready and waiting to show Ofsted the transformation. Unfortunately, Ofsted have not yet returned leaving the nursery with its unsatisfactory record, without a chance to prove itself.

Cheryl Hadland said: “We are contacting Ofsted regularly, asking to be inspected so that we can prove that we have made the changes requested and more, transforming the nursery so that we can now pass Ofsted’s inspection with flying colours. We have a number of very happy children attend Tops Sturminster, and we look forward to celebrating when Ofsted does return and see the improvements we have made.”

​During the initial inspection back in November, the Ofsted inspector commented: “Children were happy, settled and feel secure due to the sensitive and caring interactions they receive from staff who understand their needs and preferences.”

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