We’re Finalists!

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected as finalists for the Dorset Environmental Business Award!

As part of our going green mission, we entered the competition to showcase all of the wonderful things we have done in the past year to help the environment and improve it for future generations! As part of our application, we produced a video to show everything we do to be more eco-friendly! You can view it on our YouTube channel or by clicking here.

We are aiming to become more and more sustainable each day, as part of our journey to becoming more sustainable we have made a number of changes throughout all 27 of our settings. Some of the many changes we have made are that we no longer use plastic toothbrushes and have replaced these with bamboo toothbrushes, we have banned the use of glitter throughout all settings, we regularly take part in beach cleans and take the children out on the beach cleans. We have also stopped using all plastic milk bottles and replaced them with glass. With these small changes, we have made a big impact and have taught the children in our care an invaluable life lesson on why it is so important to take care of the planet.

We are very excited about the awards ceremony! Keep an eye out to see how we do!

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