Why days/trips out are so important for children

Days out are important for young children because they provide valuable experiences that can enrich their physical, cognitive, and mental development. Research shows that children are spending less time outdoors than ever before, with a study back in 2018 revealing that children spent approximately four hours outside per week, roughly 50% less than their parents had as children.

Being outdoors can help children to develop an appreciation for the natural world, learn about the environment, and develop social skills. Additionally, school trips can increase independence, confidence, and provide young children with their first real taste of independence. Traveling with children can also be beneficial, as it can help with linguistic development, ignite a child’s sense of curiosity and imagination, encourage appropriate risk-taking, and encourage social skills, especially the art of making friends.

Family trips can also help with a child’s brain development, improve concentration, and are beneficial to physical and mental health. Studies have shown that children who travel get higher grades in school than those who don’t.

Here at Tops, we encourage the children to go outside every day, no matter what the weather, we ensure the children are wearing the eight clothes for rain or shine. Nurseries throughout Tops organise trips to places in the local community, such as care homes, libraries and shops, to allow children to explore the environment outside of the nursery.

It is important to continue this at home as well to support your child’s development as much as possible. Days out like visits to the park or beach, walks through the local area, or family outings to attractions like Paultons Park can reduce anxiety and stress levels in young children and aid their development.

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