Why flexible childcare is a must

Vikki Coulson and Phoebe 3With the increase in part time jobs and shift work, there is often no such thing as a typical 9-5 job these days. However, with day nurseries, it is often typical for nursery day care to offer only morning or afternoon sessions.

But what about the parents who need to be at work by 8am? What about the parents who work part time hours that do not fit with these fixed nursery school sessions? And what about those who need to work on bank holidays or need last minute emergency childcare?

Tops Day Nurseries was opened by a mother who had exactly this problem – the need for flexible childcare to fit around her daily routine.

Cheryl Hadland started her first children’s nursery 24 years ago with flexibility for parents in mind, and it is now a family of 15 nursery schools across the south. With parents needing and wanting more flexibility, Tops Day Nurseries has helped parents and carers who can book just for the hours they need.​

Vikki Coulson, Mum of Phoebe who attends Tops Day Nurseries said: “I work part time, three mornings and two afternoons, and that’s when Phoebe comes to preschool.

“With a lot of day care nurseries you have to pay for a whole day session or if it’s a morning session it’s only up until one o’clock. If you don’t finish until half past one it’s difficult, and you would end up paying for childcare for the whole day. With Tops Day Nurseries, it’s flexible. “I would definitely recommend it, not just for the flexibility, that is a good reason, but that’s not the main reason why she’s here either. It’s for the friendliness of the staff and what they do here as well. And what she’s learnt – she’s learnt so much here. I’d definitely recommend it.”

Tops Day Nurseries offers happy, nurturing care for the hours you need. To find out more about and to find your nearest Tops Day Nursery, please visit www.topsdaynurseries.co.uk

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