Why shop B-Corp?

Shopping B Corps is good for people and the planet. Continue reading this blog to find out more…

A B-Corp business is one that goes beyond by meeting high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. A number of companies have already achieved B-Corp, including Innocent drinks, The Body Shop and Tony’s Chocolonely. The process of achieving a B-Corp certification is rigorous, and certified B-Corps are encouraged to continuously improve their impact.

Making an impact through your purchases   

Do you think about the impact of your purchases but find it hard to distinguish which companies are actually doing good in the world and which are just saying they ‘do good’? This is where B Corp Certification comes in, B Corps are businesses that have been verified for their positive impact on people and the planet — they aren’t just making claims about impact, they’re proving their impact.

How do I spot a B Corp? 

Keep an eye out for the logo below on products, in shop windows, on websites and in advertising. 

Where can I find B Corps? 

The best place to find a B Corp is via the B Corp Directory. Use this directory to buy from, work with, or learn more about Certified B Corporations around the world.

Find out more about why you should buy from a B-Corp business here.

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