WOW: The benefits of diffusing essential oils

For February, for the second parent WOW for this year, Tops have been taking an innovative step towards fighting flu and cold bugs through diffusing essential oils in their nursery settings. Each nursery was provided with a Scent & Soul Ultrasonic Diffuser and a Breathe Easy essential oil blend to locate in their reception area, with the hope that each person to enter and leave the building would benefit from the diffusion, in this case, to boost the immune system and help open the airways with fresh and stimulating aromas.

We have been running the diffusers for one hour each morning and afternoon and have had some lovely comments from parents;

“It always smells so nice in here, the smell is very calming, I really like it”

“Reception feels calm and welcoming”

“It smells so fresh when I walk in”

However, it is not just the smell which interested us in essential oils diffusion.

Throughout history aromatic plants have played an integral role in civilizations, used in religious ceremonies, cosmetics, medicines and many other aspects of human life; although the use of essential oils have evolved over the years, the basic principles remain the same. The oils which are extracted from aromatic plants have been recognised as an effective medicine to mankind, when used correctly, to give a balanced emotional state and relaxed body and mind.

At Tops we only use 100% pure essential oils, which means the oils are extracted through steam distillation and therefore have no outside chemicals added in during the process. We have done a lot of research into the properties of essential oils and, over the coming months, will be introducing child-friendly oils into the nurseries which will help boost cognitive functions and focus and promote a soothing environment. We are hoping this will ease the anxiety for new children starting at nursery/pre-school, as well as benefitting the children already in attendance.

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